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Different type of valves

FOR TENDER NO : GEM/2023/B/3299491/PO4500022148
Unit Name : प्रतिभूति कागज कारखाना, नर्मदापुरम
Name of Contractor :

M/s A TO Z Valves Mfg. Co, Ahmedabad

Value of Contract :


Item/Nature of work : Different type of valves
Mode of Tender Enquiry :
Date of Publication of NIT : 03/31/2023
Type of Bidding : 2 bid and GEM Tender
Last Date of Receipt : 05/02/2023
Nos. of Tenders Recd.: 13
Nos. of Parties Qualified after technical evalution : 8
Nos. of Parties DisQualified after technical evalution : 5
Names of Parties Qualified after technical evalution :

(i) M/s A To Z Mft. Co., Ahmedabad
(ii) M/s Adhiras Engg., Coimbatore
(iii) M/s Galaxy Ent., Nagpur
(iv) M/s HTC Valves Pvt. ltd., Vadodara
(v) M/s S&M Industrial Valves Ltd., Kolkata
(vi) Tara ma Engg. Udyog, Howrah
(vii) M/s Venus Ent., Bhopal
(viii) M/s ZED Valves Co. Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

Names of Parties DisQualified after technical evalution :

(i) M/s ADS Technologies, Pune
(ii) M/s Fluid Valve Manufacturing Co, Ahmedabad
(iii) M/s Safe technical supply pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
(iv) M/s VA 5 Construction Pvt. ltd.,
(v) M/s Vedant Integrators, Bhopal

Awarded to Lowest : Yes
Scheduled Date of completion of supplies : 11/08/2023
Contract No : 4500022148
Contract Date : 10/12/2023
Actual Date of Start of Work : 10/12/2023
Actual Date of Completion :
Award Date : 10/12/2023
Award Upload Date : 10/31/2023
Reasons for delay if any :
Remark if any :

GeM Contract No. GEMC-511687710034987, dated 09.09.2023 is issued to firm on Gem Portal