Awarded Tenders

Tender No.SubjectUnit NameDate of PublicationMode of Tender EnquiryAward DateAward Upload DatePerforma
6000017950AMC for Riso MachineSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 14,2022PACJan 28,2023Jan 30,2023View
6000017858/AMC/22-23/1091AMC and Calibration of Laboratory InstrumentsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 11,2022PACJan 27,2023Jan 28,2023View
GEM/2022/B/2088864Procurement of Walkie-Talkie SetSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramApril 21,2022OpenDec 08,2022Jan 24,2023View
GEM/2022/B/2417965Procurement of Phosphor Bronze Wire ClothSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 13, 2022GEMNov 24,2022Jan 24,2023View
GEM/2022/B/2412557Procurement of temperature sensor, retro Refractive, Trolley sensor of NPPSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 16, 2022OpenNov 25,2022Jan 23,2023View
 GEM/2022/B/2535532Hiring an agency for outsource activity of boiler no. 5 and 6Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 26,2022Open GEMJan 04,2023Jan 23,2023View
6000017854/PACSiemens make power module sparesSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 05,2022PACJan 19,2023Jan 23,2023View
 6000017778Procurement of Strapping Tape DespenserSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 17,2022OpenJan 04,2023Jan 17,2023View
6000017873/PACABB make drives and sparesSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 08,2022PACJan 06,2023Jan 13,2023View
6000017393Annual rate contract for refilling of refrigerant gasSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 13, 2022OpenJan 03, 2023Jan 05, 2023View
6000017851/PACProcurement of AMC and Calibration of SpectrophotometerSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 03, 2022PACDec 19, 2022Dec 30, 2022View
Poly Vinyl Alcohol 05 99 pec low viscosity
Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 23, 2022
Nov 09, 2022
Dec 30, 2022View
6000017656/purchase/614Engaging an Agency for Advertisement PublicationSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 02, 2022openDec 14, 2022Dec 30, 2022View
Annexure-3/4710006380Procurement of Safety Caution Board and BannerSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAnnexure-3Dec 29, 2022Dec 30, 2022View
Annexure-3/4520002050Procurement of Statue of Dr. B.R. AmbedkarSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAnnexure-3Dec 02, 2022Dec 30, 2022View
Procurement of Milk at Canteen
Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAnnexure-3Dec 26, 2022Dec 30, 2022View
Mech/Ann03/PO 4590009669Hiring of vehicle for VVIP Delegates of SPMCILSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalDec 28, 2022
Dec 29, 2022
Mech/Ann.2/PO 4540010958Timken Taper Roller BearingSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalDec 28, 2022Dec 28, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2042848AMC of Boiler House E&I EquipmentsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 28, 2022GEM bidDec 24, 2022Dec 27, 2022View
6000017831Procurement of Spares of BA Compressor Machine and ServiceSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 15, 2022PACDec 26, 2022Dec 26, 2022View
Annexure-3/4590009663Hiring of Service for 1 CA and 4 Account Assistant

Security Paper Mill, Narmadapuram

Dec 24, 2022
Dec 26, 2022View
6000017054Procurement of CCTV Camera Spares.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 30, 2021OpenSep 15, 2022Dec 23, 2022View
Mech./Ann.03/PO-4590009636Hiring of Vehicle. For Hindi Cell SPM.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalDec 05, 2022Dec 22, 2022View
E&I./PM#5/Ann.03/PO-4540010838Proc.of Hydraulic Valves Connector, Hydraulic Related Items.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalDec 09, 2022Dec 22, 2022View
Ann.03./PO-4540010849Proc.of Comman Salt.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramGeM/LocalDec 09, 2022Dec 22, 2022View
PM#5/FEND./Ann.03/PO-4540010891Proc.of Mulcher Knife 3 Testh.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalDec 17, 2022Dec 22, 2022View
PM#5/FEND./Ann.03/PO-4540010797Proc.of Fling Knife & Static knifeSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramlocalDec 02, 2022Dec 22, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2416136Procurement of Forming Fabric PM-5Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 03, 2022GEMDec 14, 2022Dec 21, 2022View
6000016158/4570001920Procurement of Spare pump and wearable spare of chemical dosing pumpSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACDec 17, 2022Dec 17, 2022View
6000017227स्क्रू के लिए स्क्रू शाफ्ट असेंबली की खरीद।Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 07, 2022PACDec 13, 2022Dec 13, 2022View
Purchase/9/22-23/ET/99/6000017556ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT OF 4 NOS MACRO TECH MAKE BATTERY OPERATED PALLET TRUCKSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 23, 2022Open/E-tenderDec 12, 2022Dec 12, 2022View
6000017468SIEMENS SPARES FOR BIELOMATIC SHEETERSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 11, 2022PAC TenderDec 08, 2022Dec 12, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2517853Procurement of Bare Chemical Pumps and Unloading PumpSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 13, 2022GEMDec 07, 2022Dec 10, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2413989Procurement of Consumable belts and different type of filterSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 18, 2022GEMDec 07, 2022Dec 10, 2022View
IT 6000017825Annual Maintenance contract of Face Based Attendance Management SystemSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 10, 2022PACNov 30, 2022Dec 07, 2022View
6000017820/PAC/ME02/22-23/E-Tender for procurement of Fiber Pump Spare PartsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 08, 2022NarmadapuramDec 06, 2022Dec 07, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2396208Procurement of Complete Coupling SetSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 18, 2022GEMDec 03, 2022Dec 06, 2022View
Garage/PAC/4590009606Repairing of VehicleSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACNov 11, 2022Dec 01, 2022View
PM#5/Electrical/Ann.03/PO-4540010755Proc.of 3 KVA Online UPS.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalNov 29, 2022Nov 30, 2022View
Safety/Ann.03/PO-4590009628Engaging an Agency to Conduct medical Health Check-up Camp at SPM.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalNov 28, 2022Nov 30, 2022View
Ann.03/HR/PO-4590009620Hiring of 02 Unskilled labour (Wardboy)for Dispensary for 180 DaysSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalNov 30, 2022Nov 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2412875Procurement of Sealing HeadSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 18, 2022GEMNov 29, 2022Nov 30, 2022View
Pm#5/F.End./Ann.03/PO-4590009621Recovery of Broke From Rejected Sheets.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalNov 26, 2022Nov 30, 2022View
IT./Ann 03/PO-4710006281ID Card Printing machine Along with Accessories and CAMC for 2 Years.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalNov 26, 2022Nov 30, 2022View
6000016363/ 4570001901Upgradation of fiber length Measurement section and procurement of Spares of freeness MeasurementSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACNov 09, 2022Nov 30, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2255533Procurement of water pump of chiller unitSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJul 04, 2022GeMNov 24, 2022Nov 28, 2022View
6000015803CAMC of Cooper Make Fire Detection and Alarm System Installed in PM5Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 10, 2021OpenNov 03, 2022Sep 03, 2021View
Mech./Ann.03/PO-4540010708proc,of Marcier Gear Box Clutch Unit Spares.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalNov 15, 2022Nov 24, 2022View
Fin./Ann.03/22-23/PO-4590009612Engaging an Agency for Appointment of CA firm for GST Audit FY 22-23.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalNov 17, 2022Nov 24, 2022View
GEM /Electrical/Ann.03/PO-4540010627Proc.of SYSKA LED TUBELIGHT ,20 WATTSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramGEM /LocalNov 21, 2022Nov 24, 2022View
Purchase/4/22-23/6000017422ARC for rewinding and repair of AC motorsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 11, 2022Open-E-tenderNov 15, 2022Nov 16, 2022View
6000017790Procurement of Siemens S120 DrivesSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 01, 2022PACNov 15, 2022Nov 16, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2355060Procurement of Horizontal Centrifugal Multistage PumpSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJul 26, 2022GEMNov 12, 2022Nov 15, 2022View
Elect./PM#5/PO-4540010608Proc.of pen Type Digital Vibrationmeter.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalNov 01, 2022Nov 14, 2022View
Mech./Ann.03/PO-4590009600Repairing of Work of Pump.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalNov 03, 2022Nov 14, 2022View
PM#5/Ann.03/PO-4540010616Proc.of Gear Coupling and Pulley.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalNov 03, 2022Nov 14, 2022View
6000016894/ME02/PM5/21-22/1495/ dt.20.12.2021Procurement of Worm Wheel, Helical Gear & Rubber V-Ring.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 20, 2021OpenNov 12, 2022Nov 14, 2022View
GeM 1946414Procurement of 2 Nos of battery operated pallet truck (BOPT)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 07, 2022GEMNov 03, 2022Nov 12, 2022View
6000017443/ME02/PAC/PM5Spare for sheeter sectionSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 07, 2022PACNov 11, 2022Nov 11, 2022View
Purchase/7/22-23/ET/6000017546Supply, Installation and commissioning of Display Board (AQI)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 16, 2022openNov 09, 2022Nov 11, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2017909Annual Contract of Horticulture Maintenance WorksSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 11, 2022GEMNov 07, 2022Nov 08, 2022View
6000017710/E&I/PACCAMC of Road Safety SystemsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 06, 2022PAC tenderNov 03, 2022Nov 04, 2022View
GeM 2156656Procurement of office Almirah steelSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 20, 2022GEMNov 02, 2022Nov 04, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2172197Customized AMC/CMC for pre owned productsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 25, 2022 Nov 11, 2022Nov 04, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2304259Sulphuric Acid H2SO4Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJul 07, 2022GEMNov 02, 2022Nov 03, 2022View
Purchase./Ann.03/SPO-4710006185Engaging an Agency for Vendors Meet & Catering Service Arrangement on 01.11.2022 at Guest House.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLoca
Oct 29, 2022Oct 31, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2266332Paper Core 426 MM, Paper Core 900 MM, Paper Core 920 MMSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 29, 2022GEMOct 19, 2022Oct 31, 2022View
Finance./CA/Ann.03/PO-4590009589Hirring of Services for 1 CA & 4 Account Assistant.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalOct 26, 2022Oct 31, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2105049Procurement of Liquid Formic AcidSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 03, 2022GEMOct 29, 2022Oct 29, 2022View
6000017173/Guard RoomConstruction of Guard RoomSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 11, 2022OpenOct 29, 2022Oct 29, 2022View
6000017220Procurement of Card Board SheetSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 22, 2022 Oct 21, 2022Oct 29, 2022View
P.O.4580001575 Dated 28.10.2022Supply of MedicineSecurity Paper Mill, Narmadapuram Oct 29, 2022View
Admn/Retirement Medals /Retirement MedalsSecurity Paper Mill, Narmadapuram Oct 29, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2244157Procurement of Bearing Fitting Tools KitSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 14, 2022GEMOct 28, 2022Oct 28, 2022View
6000017408POLY VINYL ALCOHOL 28 99Per PVA-HVSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 18, 2022OpenOct 28, 2022View
6000017043Industrial water chiller system for sheeterSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 11, 2022OpenOct 19, 2022Oct 28, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2330066Rosin Size Gr. ISecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJul 11, 2022GEMOct 19, 2022Oct 21, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2278570Alum SulphateSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJul 01, 2022GEMOct 19, 2022Oct 20, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2214426Poly Amide Resin PARSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 22, 2022GEMOct 15, 2022Oct 17, 2022View
6000017557AMC Repairing of DFMDSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 11, 2022PAC TenderOct 14, 2022Oct 17, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2256302Renewal of Adobe Photoshop Software Subscription for 1 yearSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 23, 2022GEMOct 05, 2022Oct 15, 2022View
6000017258Procurement of micor perforated plastic film (60 microns)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 22, 2022OpenOct 03, 2022Oct 15, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2038592 dated 14.03.2022Hiring of services of Unskilled Labours for Housekeeping for a period of 1 YearSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 15, 2022GeMOct 14, 2022View
Ann.03/Insurance /PO-4590009579Engaging in agency for Transit Insurence of Security Paper.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalOct 06, 2022Oct 13, 2022View
G.Store/Ann.03/PO-4540010530Proc.of Printable Self Stick Lable A-4 Sige Sheet.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalOct 08, 2022Oct 13, 2022View
Ann-3/Mech/Lubricants/4710006130Procurement of Lubricants (Oils and Grease)Security Paper Mill, Narmadapuramannexure 3Oct 08, 2022Oct 12, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2183864/Nylon Strip Other drum, Gear box, filter & ShaftSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 26, 2022GEMOct 08, 2022Oct 12, 2022View
6000017754Leister HeaterSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 08, 2022PACOct 10, 2022Oct 11, 2022View
6000016559Hiring an agency to maintenance various electrical work at PM5, SPM, Hoshangabad for a period of 12 monthsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 27, 2021OpenOct 06, 2022Oct 07, 2022View
Ann.03/Purchase/Advt./PO-4590009562Engaging in Agency for Advertisement Publication.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalOct 14, 2022Oct 01, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2205343 Dt. 02.06.2022Procurement of Cotton ComberSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 02, 2022GeM OpenSep 23, 2022Sep 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2210662Procurement of Refilling of Nitrogen gas cylinderSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 09, 2022GEMSep 28, 2022Sep 29, 2022View
6000017344Annual Inspection of Boilers and Cleaning work of Boiler and Furnace Oil TankSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramApr 22, 2022openSep 23, 2022Sep 28, 2022View
Mech./Oil Paints /Ann.03/PO-4540010408Proc. of Oil Paints.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalSep 15, 2022Sep 27, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2226549Procurement of Paper Board Edge ProtectorSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 10, 2022GEMSep 20, 2022Sep 26, 2022View
6000016077Hiring of Service for Repair & Retrofitting of Oxidation PondSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 08, 2021openSep 20, 2022Sep 24, 2022View
6000017349/ME02/PM5/2279यांत्रिक कार्य के वार्षिक दर अनुबंध की भर्तीSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 25, 2022OpenSep 22, 2022Sep 23, 2022View
4580001561/NominationProcurement of Recycle card board sheet edge protector and plywood boxesSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationSep 20, 2022Sep 22, 2022View
600001723330 KVA online UPSSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 26, 2022OpenSep 21, 2022Sep 21, 2022View
4500020666/canteenSupply of Grocery Item for CanteenSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramRate ContractSep 13, 2022Sep 19, 2022View
Purchase/2/22-23/ET/6000017442Annual rate contract for overhauling of ABB MAKE 1000 KW DC Motor SpareSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 04, 2022OpenSep 16, 2022Sep 17, 2022View
6000017713Procurement of agitators spares for dilution tank and unrefined chestsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 03, 2022PACSep 15, 2022Sep 16, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2168205Procurement of sodium hypochlorite GeM PortalSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 21, 2022GEMSep 12, 2022Sep 14, 2022View
6000017658Procurement of Spare Gear Box, Fluid Coupling and Fusible Plug for Shredo MachineSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJul 08, 2022PACSep 13, 2022Sep 14, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2102241Purchase of Electric Lifting CylinderSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 03, 2022GEM BIDSep 13, 2022Sep 14, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1942787Procurement of Pre-cut Alignment Shim SetSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 21, 2022GEMSep 05, 2022Sep 13, 2022View
6000016310Hiring an agency for dismantling of paper machine no. 1 at SPM, HoshangabadSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 09, 2021OpenSep 09, 2022Sep 12, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2223736AMC of 8.5 TR ductable Air ConditionersSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 09, 2022GeMSep 09, 2022Sep 12, 2022View
Gem/2021/B/1664523Installation of Fire Alarm & Suppression System in IT & CCTV Server RoomsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 23, 2021GEMSep 05, 2022Sep 09, 2022View
Mech.PM#5/Ann.03/PO-4540010315Proc.of Old Air Filtration Unit Dust Collection Bags.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalSep 01, 2022Sep 06, 2022View
PM#5./Mech./Ann.03/PO-4540010342Proc.of Gearbox Spares.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalSep 01, 2022Sep 06, 2022View
Estate./Ann.03/PO-4590009550Hiring of Services for Tractor Alongwith 1 Driver for SPM Colony Area.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalSep 01, 2022Sep 06, 2022View
lab/Ann.03/PO-4540010350Proc.of poly Aluminium Chloride.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalSep 01, 2022Sep 06, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2193373Air Expanding Shaft (Q3)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 25, 2022GEM BIDSep 03, 2022Sep 06, 2022View
6000017432Disposal of old nucleonic gaugesSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 14, 2022PACSep 01, 2022Sep 02, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1842189Procurement of Security Thread Guide Pulley AssemblySecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJan 24, 2022GEMAug 06, 2022Sep 01, 2022View
G.Store/Ann.03/PO-4520002002Proc. of Desert Cooler.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramGEM/LocalAug 24, 2022Aug 26, 2022View
Ann.03/HR./Record Room/PO-4590009533Hiring of Services for Shifting of mOld Record & Files from old Record Rooms.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalAug 12, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
6000017666/HR/PAC/560CARTRIDGE FOR POSTAL FRANKING MACHINE IJ-50Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJul 16, 2022PACAug 31, 2022Aug 31, 2022View
HR./Ann.03../Po-4590009531Engaging in Agency to providing tent and Chair for 15 August 2022.Celebration in SPM.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalAug 10, 2022Aug 31, 2022View
6000017590Spares and servicing of CTR make OLTCSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 23, 2022PACAug 30, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
GEM/2021/b/1788790Hiring an agency to provide 92 Unskilled labour for the period of 12 months at SPM, HoshangabadSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJan 22, 2022GEMAug 27, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1684060Annual Maintenance Contract for RO Water PurifierSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 09, 2021GemAug 30, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
HR./Ann.03/PO-4540010242Proc.of Laddu packet for Independences day.2022Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalAug 10, 2022Aug 30, 2022View
Mech./Ann.03/PO-4590009541Repairing of Refiner Loading Screw Shaft & Creana Gear box Internals for NPP & PM#5.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalAug 27, 2022Aug 29, 2022View
Finance/Ann.03/PO-4590009545Hiring of Services for 1 CA and 4 Account Assistant.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalAug 26, 2022Aug 26, 2022View
GeM /2022/B/2078433 Dt. 18.04.2022Procurement of Revolving ChairSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramApr 18, 2022GemAug 18, 2022Aug 26, 2022View
6000017107Procurement of Machine Fabrics i.e. Press Felts and Dryer ScreensSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 02, 2022OpenAug 18, 2022Aug 24, 2022View
6000017545Procurement of Heat Exchanger for Hydraulic UnitsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 10, 2022PACAug 13, 2022Aug 19, 2022View
Safety /Ann.03/PO-4590009506Engaging an Agency to Conduct Medical health Checkup Camp at SPM .Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJul 24, 2022Aug 19, 2022View
F.End/PM5/PO-4540010258proc.of General Use Consumables at PM5 Finishing End.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalAug 16, 2022Aug 19, 2022View
E&S./Ann.03/SPO.4590009527Engaging an Agency for Service of Testing and Examanation of tools and Vessels hoist & lifting tools and tackles as per factories Act 1948.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalAug 13, 2022Aug 19, 2022View
Mech./Ann.03/PO-4540010230,4540010231,4540010232Proc.of Bearings .Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalAug 10, 2022Aug 19, 2022View
Civil Wing./Ann.03/PO-4590009522Services of Roof Cleaning Work Inside Mill Area.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalAug 04, 2022Aug 19, 2022View
AC.Plant/Ann.03/PO-4540010193Proc.of panel AC for Electrical Cabinet.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalAug 03, 2022Aug 19, 2022View
Civil/Ann.03/PO-4590009509Service Contract for Removal of Wild Vegitation.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalAug 01, 2022Aug 19, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1686321Engaging an Agency for Hiring of QRT vehicle for CISFSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramGEMAug 13, 2022Aug 17, 2022View
4500020605Procurement of Grocery items through Kendriya BhandarSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationAug 08, 2022Aug 17, 2022View
6000017448 Dt. 03.06.2022Annual Maintenance Contract of RTEQMSSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 03, 2022PACAug 13, 2022Aug 17, 2022View
6000016588Supply and Laying of Jelly Filled Telephone Cables and Installation of New DPSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 18, 2021Open TenderAug 05, 2022Aug 06, 2022View
6000017433Procurement of Spares Complete Shaft Assembly of Chemical Section AgitatorsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 19, 2022PAC-importAug 05, 2022Aug 05, 2022View
GeM /2021/B/1733010Procurement of Field InstrumentsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 18, 2021GeMAug 04, 2022Aug 05, 2022View
Gem/2022/B/1989824Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose CMCSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 26, 2022Open GeMAug 03, 2022Aug 04, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/1953939Caustic Soda LyeSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 03, 2022Open GemAug 03, 2022Aug 04, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2104144Procurement of Hydro Jet Nozzle with RUBBY ORIFICESecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 03, 2022GEMAug 03, 2022Aug 04, 2022View
PM5/Ann.03/PO-4540010039Proc.of Bilometic Cutter knife Set.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJul 07, 2022Aug 01, 2022View
Purchase/Ann.3/SPO-4590009501Engaging an Agency for Vendor Meet & Catering Service.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJul 16, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1601227Hiring an agency to provide 14 Office Boy for the period of 12 monthsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 08, 2021GeM OpenJul 29, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
6000017544Procurement of Trumpf Laser Machine Spare Part- Spare Power supply (LPS)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 01, 2022PACJul 29, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2030764GLYCERINE TECHNICAL GRADESecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramApr 05, 2022GEM OPENJul 22, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
C A/22-23/PO-4590009505Hiring of Services for IA for FY 2022-23.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramlocalJul 19, 2022Jul 30, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2058186Procurement of wooden plug (Q3)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 30, 2022GEMJul 28, 2022Jul 29, 2022View
6000016595ARC of BearingSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 27, 2021OpenJul 27, 2022Jul 28, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1718876Hiring of material handling services along with forklifts manpower for 1 yearSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 11, 2021GeMJul 28, 2022Jul 28, 2022View
6000017210AMC of Elgi Make Screw Air CompressorsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 10, 2022openJul 22, 2022Jul 27, 2022View
Ann.03/Garage/S.P.O.4590009504Renewal of Insurence of 05 nos .SPm Vehicle.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJul 21, 2022Jul 25, 2022View
E&IPM5/Ann.03/PO-4540010107Proc.of Levl Trans PGIS22C20-1500mmH2OSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJul 21, 2022Jul 25, 2022View
Mech./Ann.03/Po-4540010042Proc,of Air Compressor Elgi.18-10 Consumable Spares.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJul 12, 2022Jul 25, 2022View
Ann.03/E&I/PO-4540010066Proc.of Profibus Cables for NPP,PM5,FE, & WWS etc.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJul 14, 2022Jul 25, 2022View
IT/Ann.03/PO-4520001996Proc.of Network Rack 02 Nos.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJul 11, 2022Jul 25, 2022View
6000016628Various types of Electric MotorsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 03, 2021OpenJul 20, 2022Jul 22, 2022View
6000017464Procurement of Spares of Boiler No. 6Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 17, 2022PACJul 14, 2022Jul 22, 2022View
6000017531Procurement of Brake Cylinders for Bileomatic Unwind UnitSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 26, 2022PACJul 14, 2022Jul 22, 2022View
6000016467/WTPHiring of Operation & Maintenance of WTP/ETPSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 25, 2021OpenJul 20, 2022Jul 20, 2022View
Garage/PAC/4590009502Repairing of VehicleSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACJul 20, 2022Jul 20, 2022View
6000017467Procurement of spares of phoenix contract spares for bielomatik sheeterSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 12, 2022PACJul 15, 2022Jul 18, 2022View
6000017102Service of relay co-ordination of schneider relaySecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 03, 2022PACJul 14, 2022Jul 15, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/2007607Open Radial Centrifugal Blower ImpellerSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 19, 2022GEMJul 14, 2022Jul 15, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/2093219Procurement of Braided Nylon Paper Carrier Rope DoubleSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramApr 13, 2022GemJul 06, 2022Jul 07, 2022View
6000017430Procurement of Spares of E+L Web guide System in Bielomatik SheeterSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramApr 25, 2022PACJul 01, 2022Jul 04, 2022View
6000017072Hiring of Vehicle on Rate contract basisSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 28, 2021OpenJul 04, 2022Jul 04, 2022View
PM5./GeM/Ann.3/PO-4540010017Proc.of BPE 3,0KVA UPS.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramGeM /localJun 28, 2022Jun 30, 2022View
6000016660वर्म व्हील और अन्य सामान खरीदें।Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 03, 2021OpenJun 29, 2022Jun 29, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/1901796Procurement of 08 Nos. of Hydraulic Hand Pallet TrucksSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 09, 2022GeMJun 16, 2022Jun 29, 2022View
GEM/2020/B/1640123Power Generator – DG Set 900 KVASecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 18, 2021GeMJun 27, 2022Jun 27, 2022View
HR./mill/Ann.03/Po-4590009480Hiring of Services for Tractor Trolly Alongwith 1 Driver for Inside the mill Area.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJun 23, 2022Jun 27, 2022View
Purchase/Advt./Ann.03/PO-4590009482Engaging in Agency for Advertising publication.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJun 25, 2022Jun 27, 2022View
EC./Ann.03/PO-4540009979Pcor.of House keeping Materials.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJun 18, 2022Jun 25, 2022View
HR./Ann.03/PO-4540009921Proc.of Photo Copier Paper.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramGeM/LocalJun 04, 2022Jun 25, 2022View
Electrical/GeM/Ann.03/PO-4540009944Proc.of MCCB 400 AMP.Security Paper Mill, Narmadapuramgem/LocalJun 13, 2022Jun 25, 2022View
Garage /Ann.03/PO-4590009448Annual Maintenance Contract of 231 Nos.Weighing Weight for 1 year .Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJun 01, 2022Jun 25, 2022View
HR./Ann.03/PO-4540009911Proc.of Medical Identity Card for all Employees.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJun 03, 2022Jun 25, 2022View
6000017188Annual Maintenance Contract of Siemens Make DrivesSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramApr 07, 2022PACJun 18, 2022Jun 24, 2022View
6000017184Lust Make Servo Drives and Communication modules for thread insertion systemSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 03, 2022PACJun 15, 2022Jun 24, 2022View
6000016859/burningBURNING OF PHOSPHOR BRONZE WIRE CLOTHSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 26, 2021OpenMay 23, 2022Jun 24, 2022View
6000016492Fabrication & Installation of Cage in Railway Platform area near Strong Room PM#5Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 26, 2021OpenJun 21, 2022Jun 23, 2022View
6000017415Procurement of Pneumatic Items for Bielomatik Sheeter.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramApr 25, 2022PACJun 22, 2022Jun 23, 2022View
6000015491/RoofSupply Erection and Commissioning of Roof Line System on Roof of PM5 at SPMHSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJan 13, 2021OpenJun 20, 2022Jun 21, 2022View
6000017166ड्रायर सिलेंडर और मास्टर वैट कर्टेन असेंबली के लिए रोटरी जॉइंट असेंबली का विकासSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 03, 2022OpenJun 16, 2022Jun 17, 2022View
6000015277Supply, Erection, Installation and Commissioning of Air Conditioning System on Turnkey Basis at PM5, SPM, HoshangabadSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 07, 2021openJun 17, 2022Jun 17, 2022View
6000017375Procurement of Spares for New Air Filtration Unit Hydraulic UnitSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramApr 13, 2022PACJun 13, 2022Jun 16, 2022View
6000016857सर्विस विजिट के लिए हायरिंग और हाइड्रोलिक सिस्टम का ऑनलाइन सपोर्टSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 11, 2021PACJun 13, 2022Jun 15, 2022View
6000017251AMC for 180 TR Blue Star Chiller PlantSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 17, 2022OpenJun 11, 2022Jun 14, 2022View
Canteen/P.O.4500020400Supply of Grocery ItemSecurity Paper Mill, Narmadapuram Jun 08, 2022Jun 10, 2022View
4580001525 NominationProcurement of Black Marker Ink ISRASecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationJun 09, 2022Jun 10, 2022View
4580001524 NominationProcurement of Card Board Sheet Different Colour and SizeSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationJun 09, 2022Jun 10, 2022View
6000017300स्वचालित स्पेयर न्यूमेटिक ऑपरेटेड इंक स्प्रे गन की खरीदSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 04, 2022PACJun 09, 2022Jun 09, 2022View
PM5/Ann.03/PO-4540009785Proc.of Colling Coil ets for pm5 labSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMay 11, 2022May 17, 2022View
6000016904Annual maintenance contract of 175 TR Voltas make chiller plant and 300 TR carrier make chiller plantSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 25, 2021openMay 30, 2022May 30, 2022View
6000017359Annual maintenance contract of Battery Charger Install at 132/33KV substationSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 23, 2022PACMay 30, 2022May 30, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1904895 dated 02.02.2022Procurement of Airport Chair (Q3) & Steel Locker(Q3)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 02, 2022GeMMay 28, 2022View
Stores /Ann.03/SPO-4590009436Hiring of Agency to Segregation and Stacking for Scrapmaterial at Scrap yard of SPMN.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMay 23, 2022May 28, 2022View
Boiler/Ann.03/PO-4590009423Supply of Erection & Commissioning of SPM Letters.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMay 17, 2022May 28, 2022View
HR./Ann.03/PO-4540009806Proc.of Magazine Patrika 2022Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMay 17, 2022May 28, 2022View
Nomination 4580001517Procurement of NJSP Trimming and paper cuttingsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNomination basisMay 20, 2022May 20, 2022View
CPWD/Civil/4580001514/59/231Renovation of Guest House and Dining Hall at SPM, NarmadapuramSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationMay 14, 2022May 14, 2022View
6000016489Hiring of Costruction of New Electrical Lighting Distribution Room Inside PM#5Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 26, 2021OpenMay 06, 2022May 14, 2022View
6000016911/NPP ChestSpecial Repair work for NPP ChestSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 26, 2021OpenMay 13, 2022May 14, 2022View
6000017163Annual Rate Contract for various types of Electrical work at SPM, HoshangabadSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 02, 2022OpenMay 13, 2022May 13, 2022View
6000016441टायर फ्लेक्स स्पेसर कपलिंग और स्पेयर टायर की खरीदSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 07, 2021OpenMay 12, 2022May 12, 2022View
6000015921वार्षिक रेट कांट्रेक्‍ट आधार पर रबर रोल्‍स की रिकोटिंगSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 22, 2021OpenMay 11, 2022May 11, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1701525Procurement of Heavy duty longspan storage systemSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 18, 2021GEMMay 10, 2022May 11, 2022View
6000017099पीएसी आधार पर कंपन विश्लेषक के पुर्जों की खरीदSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 01, 2022PACMay 10, 2022May 10, 2022View
SPM/HR/P.O.4580001512Engaging Institute of Banking Personal Selection.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationMay 10, 2022View
Canteen/P.O.4500020262Procurement of Grocery ItemSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationMay 05, 2022May 06, 2022View
6000016997Procurement of Spares for Consistancy Transmitter.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 14, 2021PACApr 15, 2022May 02, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1798683BIOCIDESecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 15, 2021OpenApr 08, 2022May 02, 2022View
GEM/2022/B/1837152 dated 14.01.2022Procurement of H2SO4Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJan 14, 2022OpenApr 08, 2022May 02, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1787284Procurement of Double sided Self Adhesive TapeSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJan 04, 2022GEMApr 30, 2022Apr 30, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1708228Procurement of Stainless Steel ARV and High Pressure PumpSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 18, 2021GEMApr 30, 2022Apr 30, 2022View
6000016229Procurement of Bendtsen Air permeability and Roughness TesterSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 04, 2021openApr 26, 2022Apr 29, 2022View
Civil/Ann.03/PO-4590009386Cement Concrete Work.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalApr 23, 2022Apr 28, 2022View
IT./Ann.03/GeM/PO-4520001942Proc. of Laptop.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramZeM/LocalApr 25, 2022Apr 28, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/1866243Pigment Blue ColourSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJan 18, 2022OpenApr 27, 2022Apr 28, 2022View
6000016945/LabProcurement of Essential Spares for Laboratory InstrumentsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 29, 2021PACApr 25, 2022Apr 26, 2022View
MANIT/Civil/P.O.4580001507/30/102Conducting Building Stability Test of SPM Residential Buildings and Non-Residential BuildingsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationApr 22, 2022Apr 26, 2022View
GeM/2022/B/1849206Pigment Red ColourSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJan 25, 2022OpenApr 18, 2022Apr 25, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1620755Coagulant For Paper IndustriesSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 25, 2021OpenApr 25, 2022Apr 25, 2022View
6000017279Procurement of Nord Gear Motors For NPP on PAC BasisSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMar 02, 2022PACApr 23, 2022Apr 23, 2022View
Ann.03/Elect./PO-4590009389Hiring of 05 Skilled Labour & 03 Unskilled Labour for Electrical Dept.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalApr 19, 2022Apr 22, 2022View
PM5/FEND/Ann.03/Po-4540009703Proc.of blank Paper Label & Printable Self Stick Label.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalApr 13, 2022Apr 22, 2022View
PM/Ann.03/PO-4540009700Proc.of German Silver Plate.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalApr 13, 2022Apr 22, 2022View
Elec./Ann.03/PO-4540009646 & 4540009647Proc.of TRDSON 36 W LED RECESSED LUMINAIRRE. & SYSKA 20 WATTS 2000 LED TUBELIGHT.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramZEM/LocalApr 06, 2022Apr 22, 2022View
Garrage/Ann.03/PO-4590009387Hiring of Vehicle.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalApr 15, 2022Apr 22, 2022View
6000016227कोलप्सिब्ल प्ल्यवूड बॉक्सेस का क्रयSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 13, 2021OpenApr 18, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1803847Procurement of Toothed BeltSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJan 06, 2022GEMApr 18, 2022Apr 18, 2022View
6000016763स्ट्रेचर के लिए गियर बॉक्स स्पेयर की खरीद।Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 19, 2021OpenApr 01, 2022Apr 13, 2022View
6000017221Procurement of Spares Refiner Tackles/Segments TC2 and TC on PAC BasisSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 15, 2022PACApr 12, 2022Apr 12, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1714850 Dt. 02.12.2021Procurement of Milk.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 02, 2021GeMApr 12, 2022View
Garage/PAC/4590009378Repairing of VehicleSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACApr 09, 2022Apr 12, 2022View
6000016370AMC OF TRUMPF TRUPULSE 304 LASER CUTTING MACHINE IN WIRE WORKSHOP AT PM5 FOR ONE YEAR.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACApr 08, 2022Apr 08, 2022View
6000017050CMC of GPS Devices used for Tracking Containers for a period of 2 years on PAC basisSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 29, 2021PACApr 08, 2022Apr 08, 2022View
6000017010/एमई02/21-22/1384रेडिकॉन गियर बॉक्स, वर्म शाफ्ट और वर्म व्हील की खरीदSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 13, 2021LocalApr 07, 2022Apr 07, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1534786Procurement of Pneumatic Solenoid Valve of NPP.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 19, 2021GemMar 03, 2022Apr 01, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1601277Hiring an agency to provide 25 Security Guards and 03 Supervisors for the period of 12 monthsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 28, 2021GeMMar 04, 2022Mar 31, 2022View
6000016830Readymade Junction BoxesSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 19, 2021OpenMar 31, 2022Mar 31, 2022View
6000015783रबर फ्लेक्सिब्ल डिस्क, एयर फ्लोट नोजल सील एवं वाटर बोर्ड फ्लेप का क्रयSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJan 23, 2021OpenMar 31, 2022Mar 31, 2022View
6000016755Hiring an agency to provide services for operation and maintenance at 132/33 KV substation at SPM, Hoshangabad for a period of one yearSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 17, 2021OpenMar 30, 2022Mar 30, 2022View
6000016730PROCUREMENT OF PHOSPHOR BRONZE WIRE CLOTHSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 30, 2021OpenMar 25, 2022Mar 30, 2022View
CPWD/Pump Set/P.O.4580001494/589/2308Maintenance & Operation of Pump Sets at Ph.I,II,III & IvSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationMar 28, 2022Mar 30, 2022View
CPWD/Elect.Inst/P.O.4580001497/592/2307Maintenance & Operation of Electrical Fans at Ph.I,II,III & IVSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationMar 28, 2022Mar 30, 2022View
CPWD/Elec./OH Lines/P.O.4580001496/591/2305Maintenance of OH Lines and Street Light (Colony Phase I,II,III & IV)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationMar 28, 2022Mar 30, 2022View
CPWD/RMO/4580001495/590/2306Routine Maintenance and Operation of Electrical Substation at Phase-I,II,II & IV at SPM, HoshangabadSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationMar 28, 2022Mar 30, 2022View
CPWD/Civil/P.O.4580001488/571/2236Construction of Golden Jubilee GateSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationMar 16, 2022Mar 30, 2022View
6000016748/F/ENDPurchase of Polyester Strapping TapeSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 25, 2021OpenMar 28, 2022Mar 29, 2022View
GEM/2021/b/1701767Spare Parts for Air CoolerSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 08, 2021GeMMar 29, 2022Mar 29, 2022View
6000016757मैकनील मेक लिफ्टर्स का वार्षिक रख-रखाव अनुबंधSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 28, 2021OpenMar 28, 2022Mar 28, 2022View
6000017155Servicing of CG Make 132KV SF6 Breaker, 33KV & 11KV VCBSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJan 31, 2022PACMar 28, 2022Mar 28, 2022View
WC./Ann.03/PO-4540009582Proc.of Ball Pen.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramZem/LocalJan 16, 2022Mar 28, 2022View
Mech./Ann.03/PO-4530009586Proc.of Spare Parts for Air Compressor.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 22, 2022Mar 28, 2022View
Mech/Ann.03/PO-4540009595Proc.of Bassember Steel Bar.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 22, 2022Mar 28, 2022View
Mech./Ann.03/PO-(1)4540009605(2)PO- 4540009604Proc.of Bearing & Dr Cylindrical Roller Bearing-NN3017KSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 21, 2022Mar 28, 2022View
6000016222Procurement of E-Type Laser Cutting Machine Spares.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACMar 25, 2022Mar 25, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1588184Hiring an agency to provide 03 Cooks and 06 Attendants for the period of 12 monthsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 29, 2021GEMJan 20, 2022Mar 24, 2022View
SPM/Dispensary/PO-4590009325Hiring of Shifting Assests & materials From SPM Dispensary to D-Type Quater.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 09, 2022Mar 18, 2022View
Ann.03/Mech./PO-4590009335Hiring of A.C. Vehicle for CISF Escort Team..Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 04, 2022Mar 18, 2022View
6000016779/ME02/एयर सिलेंडर के स्पेयर और अन्य सामान /1188एयर सिलेंडर के स्पेयर और अन्य सामान की खरीदSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 27, 2021OpenMar 16, 2022Mar 17, 2022View
6000016889SWECO 2.5 HP Motion Generator 1500 RPM 3 PHSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 10, 2021PACMar 16, 2022Mar 16, 2022View
6000016606BLEACHED COTTON LINTER PULP (FIRST CUT) IN SHEET FORMSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 20, 2021openMar 03, 2022Mar 15, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1776858Supply and Installation of Antivirus Software for SAP, Internet computer systems and Servers.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 30, 2021GemMar 15, 2022Mar 15, 2022View
6000016797 Dt. 16.12.2021Hiring of Agency for Conducting Typing Skill TestSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 17, 2021OpenMar 10, 2022Mar 12, 2022View
Ann.03/Garrage/PO-4590009334Renuwal of Insurence Policy Of SPM Vecicle.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 10, 2022Mar 12, 2022View
PM5/Ann.03/PO-4540009542Proc.of Compressor Model No-C-SCP315H38B..Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 10, 2022Mar 12, 2022View
Mech.Pm5/Ann.03/Po-4540009556Proc.of Old Air Filtrationc Unit Dust Collection Bag.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 10, 2022Mar 12, 2022View
6000016322POLYMER (FLOCCULANT)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 28, 2021OpenJan 05, 2022Mar 10, 2022View
6000016680LAMINATED KRAFT PAPER GR-ISecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 04, 2021Open TenderMar 10, 2022Mar 10, 2022View
6000016693ABB Make Carbon BrushSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 24, 2021PACMar 09, 2022Mar 09, 2022View
Mech./Ann.03/PO-4540009448Proc.of Agitator Complate Lime Dozing tank.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 01, 2022Mar 08, 2022View
Process./Ann.03/PO-4540009531Proc.of Paper Board Edge Protector.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 02, 2022Mar 08, 2022View
SPM/Guest House/PO-4590009323HIRING OF MANPOWER SERVICES FOR GUEST HOUSESecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 02, 2022Mar 08, 2022View
Cisf/Ann.03/PO-4590009324Hiring of agency for apinting Stickering and refilling and Hydraulic Testing of fire Extinguisher.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalMar 03, 2022Mar 08, 2022View
6000017029Purchase of Allen Bradley PLC System Spare on PAC BasisSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 30, 2021PACMar 07, 2022Mar 07, 2022View
Safety/P.O.4500020025/543/2161Procurement of Industrial Safety ShoesSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramRate Contract BasisMar 05, 2022Mar 05, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1682004Cotton Comber(Q3)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 06, 2021GeMFeb 16, 2022Mar 02, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1722651Flexible welding cable 70 Sq mmSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 08, 2021GeMFeb 28, 2022Mar 02, 2022View
E&I.SPm5/Ann.03/PO-4540009437Proc.of LCD Moniter 24 Inch 60CM & LCD Moniter 20Inch 50 cm.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalFeb 26, 2022Mar 02, 2022View
Admin./P.O.4500019940/505Procurement of 1920 Gift set(Sweets)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramRate ContractFeb 07, 2022Feb 26, 2022View
Canteen/P.O.No.4500019962/519/1958Supply of Grocery Items for CanteenSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramRate contractFeb 14, 2022Feb 26, 2022View
60000017008 Dt. 16.12.2021AMC OF Digital Franking MachineSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 17, 2021PACFeb 18, 2022Feb 26, 2022View
6000016419Procurement of ServerSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 28, 2021OpenFeb 23, 2022Feb 26, 2022View
6000016358Procurement of Klay Make Level and Pressure Transmitter of NPP.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACFeb 28, 2022Feb 26, 2022View
Process/Ann.03/PO-4540009472Proc.of Self Adhesive Tape.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramGEM/LocalFeb 18, 2022Feb 24, 2022View
Safety /Ann.03/PO-4590009304Engaging in agency to Provide for Repairing of Fire Hydrant Line.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalFeb 18, 2022Feb 24, 2022View
Safety/Ann.03/PO-4540009480Proc.of Materail for organising of Safety Weak 2022Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalFeb 19, 2022Feb 24, 2022View
Mech./Ann.03/PO-4540009430Proc.of Corbon Steel Closed loop band Saw Blade.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalFeb 17, 2022Feb 24, 2022View
Garage/PAC/4590009308Repairing of vehicleSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACFeb 17, 2022Feb 17, 2022View
Garage/PAC/4590009292Repairing of VehicleSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACFeb 11, 2022Feb 12, 2022View
Ann.03/Prod./Container/PO-4590009187Hiring of Vehicle.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalFeb 07, 2022Feb 12, 2022View
PM5/Ann.03/PO-4540009266Proc.of Different type of Knives for Cross Cutter.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocal/GEMFeb 10, 2022Feb 12, 2022View
6000016632HRC fuses, semiconductor fuses and switch fuse units (SFU)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 25, 2021OpenFeb 10, 2022Feb 10, 2022View
6000016800Battery Operated Mobile Crane 3 MTSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 28, 2021OpenFeb 09, 2022Feb 09, 2022View
6000016910AMC of BTG Instruments.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 26, 2021PACFeb 08, 2022Feb 09, 2022View
6000016199Development of various types of Roller and ShaftsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 07, 2021OpenFeb 08, 2022Feb 09, 2022View
6000016954WPIL Make Pump SparesSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 07, 2021PACFeb 08, 2022Feb 08, 2022View
Civil/Ann.03/Po-4590009279Cleaning of RCC OHT In Colony Area.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalFeb 04, 2022Feb 08, 2022View
Ann.03/Garrage/PO-4590009281Amc of 13 Nos. Electronic Weighing Scale for Stamping and Verification.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalFeb 04, 2022Feb 08, 2022View
6000016887Weidmuller make spares partsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 29, 2021PACFeb 07, 2022Feb 07, 2022View
6000017047Procurement of Air Compressor Oil Cooler on PAC BasisSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 22, 2021PACFeb 07, 2022Feb 07, 2022View
Safety/Ann.03/PO-4590009266Engaging an agency to provide for Frist Aid Traning Programfor Employees.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalFeb 01, 2022Feb 03, 2022View
EC./Ann.03/PO-4540009383Proc.of House keeping Materials.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalFeb 01, 2022Feb 02, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/142152112 माह के लिए 04 अकुशल श्रमिक उपलब्ध कराने के लिए एजेंसी किराए पर लेनाSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 10, 2021GEMFeb 01, 2022Feb 01, 2022View
Ann.03/CISF /Safety/PO-4540009325Proc.of Spares of Fire Etinguishers and other fire fighting EquipmentsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJan 14, 2022Feb 01, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1388445Hiring an agency to provide 06 unskilled labour for sanitization work for the period of 12 monthsSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 11, 2021GEMJan 13, 2022Feb 01, 2022View
Canteen/P.O.No.4500019786/435/1602Supply for Grocery Item for CanteenSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationJan 03, 2022Feb 01, 2022View
6000016933Procurement of Thermal InkJet Printer Cartridge on PAC basis.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNov 26, 2021PACJan 15, 2022Feb 01, 2022View
PM5.Elect./Ann.03/Po-4520001919Proc.of Clamp Meters for Pm5.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocal/GEMJan 25, 2022Jan 31, 2022View
6000016552Air Handling Unit Cooling CoilSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 13, 2021OpenJan 29, 2022Jan 29, 2022View
E&I /Ann.03/PO-4540009329Installation / Relocation of 02 No. PTZ Camera with Spare s in New Boiler House.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJan 20, 2022Jan 29, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1603108Purchase of PVA FilterSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 30, 2021GEMJan 27, 2022Jan 28, 2022View
GEM/2021/B/1603123Purchase of S.S. Wire Mesh ClothSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 30, 2021GEMJan 27, 2022Jan 28, 2022View
6000016059Procurement of ISRA VISION Spares (Smash Board)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACJan 27, 2022Jan 27, 2022View
6000016950AMC of QCS scanner, On Q server, On view server, Win CC servers and CPUs on PAC basis for a period of one year.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 06, 2021PACJan 27, 2022Jan 27, 2022View
6000016577Purchase of Retrofit Spares of Screw pumpSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 25, 2021openJan 21, 2022Jan 24, 2022View
6000016412PURCHASE OF PRESS FELT AND COOLING DRYER FABRICSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 25, 2021openJan 21, 2022Jan 24, 2022View
6000016891/L&WAMC and Calibration of L&W Autoline 400Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 22, 2021PACJan 22, 2022Jan 24, 2022View
6000016822/PACAMC and Calibration of High Resolution Video Spectral Comparator VSC 6000 HSSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 23, 2021PACJan 20, 2022Jan 24, 2022View
Safety/P.O.4500019850/473/1728Procurement of Face MaskSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationJan 20, 2022Jan 22, 2022View
6000015883Procurement of Adhesive TapeSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 23, 2021OpenJan 19, 2022Jan 22, 2022View
CPWD/Boundary wall/4580001443/454/1679Construction of Boundary Wall from 132 KV Substation to LWCSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNominationJan 11, 2022Jan 22, 2022View
6000016742/AMCAMC and Calibration of SpectrophotometerSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 22, 2021PACJan 12, 2022Jan 22, 2022View
Elect./Ann.03/PO-4590009258.Engaging and Agency for Tent and Catering Service for Republic day 2022Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramlocalJan 15, 2022Jan 21, 2022View
Elect./Ann.03/PO-4540009345Proc.of Trophy for Republic day 2022.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJan 18, 2022Jan 21, 2022View
PM5/E&I /Ann.03/PO-4590009239Engaging an agency to Provide 01 No. Unskilled labour for PM5 E&I Dept.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJan 06, 2022Jan 19, 2022View
Canteen /Ann.03/PO-4540009241Proc.of Food Coupan Rs.1,2,5Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJan 08, 2022Jan 19, 2022View
Estste/Ann.03/PO-4590009241Hiring of Services for Tractor Trolly aling with 1 Driver for SPM Colony Area.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJan 08, 2022Jan 19, 2022View
Ann.03/E&I/PO-4590009235Hiring of 02 Unskilled labours for E & I Dept.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalJan 03, 2022Jan 19, 2022View
AC Plant /Ann.03/PO-4540009301Proc.of Refrigation Gas R22Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocal/GEMJan 08, 2022Jan 19, 2022View
PM5/Ann.03/PO-4540009311proc.of Different Types of knives for Cross Cutter.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalDec 02, 2021Jan 19, 2022View
6000016368PURCHASE OF TRANSPARENT POLYTHENE SHEETSSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 18, 2021openJan 11, 2022Jan 15, 2022View
6000016899/PAC/PM5/F/ENDProcurement of Different types of knives for cross cutter (PASABAN)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 29, 2021PACJan 12, 2022Jan 15, 2022View
6000016781Spares for Re-winder and Cross CutterSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 21, 2021PACJan 11, 2022Jan 11, 2022View
6000016073Annual Maintenance Contract of ABB make DCS 800 DC DriveSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramSep 09, 2021PACJan 10, 2022Jan 10, 2022View
6000016809Procurement of Lead Screw and Split Nut Set.Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 06, 2021OpenJan 07, 2022Jan 08, 2022View
PR No. 10027934Procurement of recycle Material for BNP DewasSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramNomination basisJan 07, 2022Jan 08, 2022View
6000016989Danfoss make soft starter and AC driveSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramDec 08, 2021PACJan 07, 2022Jan 07, 2022View
6000016876Leister air heaterSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramOct 29, 2021PACJan 07, 2022Jan 07, 2022View
6000016151Procurement of Siemens Make SparesSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramPACJan 03, 2022Jan 04, 2022View
6000015941/PAC/4570001752Purchase of HP Shawer PumpSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramFeb 15, 2021PACJan 01, 2022Jan 03, 2022View
6000016288PURCHASE OF BATTERY POWERED STRAPPING TOOLSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramMay 31, 2021openJan 01, 2022Jan 03, 2022View
6000016416PURCHASE OF POLYTHENE BAGSSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramJun 29, 2021OpenJan 01, 2022Jan 03, 2022View
6000016090COTTON COMBER (C/C)Security Paper Mill, NarmadapuramAug 17, 2021OpenDec 14, 2021Jan 01, 2022View
E&I./PM5/PO-4540009114Proc.of Battery & Nip RollSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalDec 10, 2021Jan 01, 2022View
Safety /Ann.03/Po-4590009189Engaging ian Agency to Conduct medical Health Check-up Camp at SPMSecurity Paper Mill, NarmadapuramLocalDec 01, 2021Jan 01, 2022View