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Centennial Celebration of University of Lucknow – Wooden Packing
Centennial Celebration of University of Lucknow

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Established in the winters of 1920 with the lofty ideal of spreading the light of learning, the University of Lucknow is celebrating its centennial year of teaching and learning. This is the 11th University in India, that has completed 100 years and has over the years given the nation- a President of India, Governors of several states, judges, administrators, scientists, educationists and an internationally known spiritual leader. Scholars of this university are working as scientists on the Chandrayan (space mission) and at NASA and many a student have brought glory to the University by their contributions in the field of social science, literature, performing and visual arts. Many have also been conferred the Padma Awards. The University has successfully contributed to fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of the nation through pursuing excellence in different spheres of knowledge and producing citizens who have helped the country grow. In its centennial year, the seat of learning is striving to achieve Olympian heights by realizing its vision of synthesizing society and modern education. , knowledge and learning in a global world. The vision of the University of Lucknow is to be among the leading institutions of the world by consistently engaging in its endeavour through quality teaching, research and innovation rooted in the Indian value system and working towards building an intellectual infrastructure that serves the country, society and humanity.