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125th Departure Anniversary of Sri Shyamacharan Lahiree Mahasaya (Denomination of `125 – Folder Packing)
125th Departure Anniversary of Yogiraj Sri Shyamacharan Lahiree Mahasaya

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Yogiraj Sri Shyamacharan Lahiree Mahasaya Fountain-Head of Kriyayoga marked His Advent in 1828 in Ghurni, Nadia, West Bengal. He imparted a push to declining Kriyayoga enabling man to attain emancipation from the birth-death cycle (moksha) by remaining within the family ambit as He Himself practised and imparted. This is His infallible bestowal to humankind. He effected His Sublime Departure in Kashi on 26th September 1895, Mahashtami Sandikshan. Yogiraj Shyamacharan Mission is a non-profit socio-spiritual organisation founded by Mahamahopadhyaya Dr Chatterjee established to further the ideals tenets of Lahiree Mahasaya; to preserve this pristine science undiluted unaltered to soul-seekers. He has unfolded Yogiraj as `God of Householders` and has lucidly unravelled the abstruse esoteric essence of Yogiraj to the world through his inimitable literature and dissertations.